Inner beauty is like a diamond …

An ordinary stone becomes extraordinary when attributed a thing of beauty …

… an ordinary human becomes extraordinary when beholding the beauty of their Being.

Michelangelo believed that the human jewel need only be revealed, by making visible its sublime essence. J’aimestones® furthers this awareness, artfully enhancing Nature to awaken our Human Nature and this precious, eternal & forgotten love story.

Within every stone is a future J’aimestones®. Within every J’aimestones® is the expression of Heaven & Earth in timeless creations which are divinely inspired.

Wherever you roam the world is at your fingertips…

Let us gift it to you, one J’aimestones® at a time, with our inspired collection… an enduring reminder of Earth’s natural beauty and the richness of our cherished relationship together.

Many of our pieces are interchangeable pendants which can be worn as colliers / necklaces / ear drops for hoop earrings. We therefore display them in this manner for your visual enhancement and are happy to accommodate your purchase request for these additions.

  • J’aimestones® only uses natural coloured, untreated precious gems. Unless otherwise indicated, all accent jewels used in the raw stones (eg. rubies, sapphires, emeralds, paraibas, pearls) are approximately 2mm / tw-vs, and all natural fancy diamonds are approximately 0.01ct.
  • Unless otherwise specified all diamonds are TW-VS.
  • Your J’aimestones® is a treasure whose wear and tear depends upon you. Please treat it with care, as the raw stones are rugged but their bejewelled enhancements are fragile, as with any precious gem.