Inner beauty is like a diamond…

…a convergence of elements birthed over time, under pressure, deep within Nature’s embrace like a secret work-of-art.

And when it finally emerges to the light of day, alchemically reflecting more than its composite elements and then chiseled by the hands of a gifted jeweller to light its improbable way,

It glistens…

It becomes a gemstone…

It becomes J’aimestones®

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Western Collection
  • J´aimestones® | fine art jewellery
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  • J´aimestones® | fine art jewellery
J´aimestones® | fine art jewellery

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Nature… Human Nature…

Such is our exquisite yet intricate eternal dance, but we step on each others’ toes. Mostly Man taking the lead – against Nature. The Ancients understood this sacred dance. They worshipped and revered it. Yet over time we’ve forgotten its mythic rhythm. We’ve become out of sync.

This delicate rapore is now enhanced and personalized with J’aimestones®, exquisitely unique mementos reflecting anywhere-on-earth. From quiet elegance to opulence, J’aimestones® exclusive collection of stone-into-stone luxury jewellery and objets d’art integrates natural stone (or other natural elements such as wood, shell, bone) with precious gemstones, mounted in 22 karat gold or platinum settings.

The result is a captivating, artful mélange of fine jewels and raw nature originating from numerous global terrains represented in our raw elements reserves; distinctive creations of Time & Place as well as our place on this fragile planet.

J’aime le monde… J’aime les gems… J’aime les stones…


J’aime le monde…
J’aime les gems…
J’aime les stones…


Gift Categories

“J’aimestones® Charity Pendant”

The radiance of a diamond’s facets reflected outward… the radiance of our human facets reflected inward. Nature… Human Nature. Show your Solidarity.

J’aimestones® has created a wearable reminder of our forgotten love story with our unique S logo. Featuring seven continental loops hugged in the centre by a diamond and joined at the top by our exclusive love-loop, this symbol of Solidarity, Soul, and the Seven continents is a timeless personal talisman that speaks from the spirit to our soul. Your stamped & numbered J’aimestones is a unique and meaningful heirloom whose value will increase over time. And your purchase can become meaningful to less fortunate others, by designating a charity of your choice (or ours) which speaks to your soul … and those less fortunate. When price is no object, the object of giving becomes priceless.



shown: Pink Global lovestone

Unique jewellery pieces integrating raw stone (or one’s raw birthplace stone) embedded with single or multiple polished birthstones, in 22 karat gold or platinum setting.



Unique jewellery pieces reflecting the eternal ensemble of Nature & Human Nature, integrating raw stone embedded with gemstones, entwined in 22 karat gold or platinum.


Global Lovestones

Global love between Peoples and Nations artistically interpreted in unique pieces reflecting bejeweled countries / continents / meaningful motifs, integrating raw stone embedded with gemstones, in 22 karat gold or platinum setting.



Little luxe … and the purity of a single gemstone embedded into raw stone as uniquely fanciful charms / trinkets, in 22 karat gold or platinum setting.


J’aimestones® will also accommodate your request with raw materials that you provide…

Have you traveled to a destination that speaks to your soul? Is your homeland or a loved one’s of special sentiment? Do you dream of visiting an enchanted somewhere? J’aimestones® will transform your raw stone / element from anywhere-on-earth into a wearable treasure.

Custom Request…

Newborn baby? 50th birthday?

Celebrate significant stepping stones or milestones with our exclusive line of B’earthstones®. The alchemy of raw stone adorned with your birthstone, birthplace stone – or series of stones in an astrological or mythological motif – makes an especially poignant gift.

Gift Categories…(B’earthstones®)

J´aimestones® | fine art jewellery box
J´aimestones® | fine art jewellery box