Inner beauty is like a diamond…

a convergence of elements birthed over time, under pressure, deep within Nature’s embrace like a secret work-of-art.

Show your solidarity with commemorative pieces which speak to special times.

Your stamped & numbered J’aimestones is a unique and meaningful heirloom whose value will increase over time. And your purchase can become meaningful to less fortunate others. This gallery showcases some of our fine art pieces which transcend the norm. These commemorative jewels speak to poignant global moments … of which their owners might choose to express their solidarity not only visually but by donating a portion of the purchase price to a charity of their choice or ours, in recognition thereof.

“I Sea Love”

Reversible Pendant: It’s easy to protect the environment when you can “sea” love. This natural coral speaks the timeless beauty of oceans and epochs. It was found on the beaches of Cuba prior to the 2017 Hurricane Irma disaster. In honour of these wonderful peoples and the devastation that rendered them nearly paralysed, we offer a special tribute jewel; now shimmering with small diamonds and a 22K heart arching from its centre like the culture itself. This is a reminder of the transcendent beauty that once was… and will once again be.

A portion of your purchase will be donated to a rescue mission that we designate, or of your choosing, on behalf of restoration efforts.

Further details and price inquiry upon request.

“The Family Stone”

Be it the Refugee Crisis in Europe … or the Border Immigrants in the U.S. … or any number of other ruptured families worldwide throughout time, a dysfunctional global family begins within. A mother and her children are forever bonded. And the mother to our Inner Child is as well. “The Family Stone” reminds us to nurture this precious bond that nurtures all others.

A portion of your purchase will be donated to a Humanitarian Charity that we designate, or of your choosing.

Further details and price inquiry upon request.