Swan (Amanda) Montague: Mystical Heiress

Nature & Human Nature …

Swans by land & Swans by See …

Swan (Amanda) Montague sees beyond external beauty to the enchanted mystical realms. She is the heiress to an inner fortune which manifests in her many artistic expressions; particularly in the richness of tapestry … poetry … symbology.

Her lush creations from materials gathered in Bali and other exotic locales are summoned by the spirits to touch the soul. Her series of Temple Veils & Sacred Veils are compelling art forms adorned with brocades, jewels, and bone and which exude a deep vibrational presence. Evocative of primal-tribal splendour, they can enhance both opulent living spaces as well as the simplicity of one’s intimate soul place.

Some swans swim by water … others swim the energy waves. This radiant Swan also swims amongst stones – seated in the first photo beside the portal veil from her Sacred Veils creations wearing J’aimestones® “White Global Lovestone” (in the centre photo, in combination with “Vavoom Global Lovestone” and in the far right, head-dressed in J’aimestones® signature S logo).