Masami Saionji: A Divine Sparkle

Regal and delicately beautiful yet blessedly real, Masami Saionji is imbued with a lifelong sense of Wonder … and connection to The Greater. A descendent of Japan’s Royal Ryuku Family at Okinawa, she is Founder of The Goi Peace Foundation, co-initiator of The Fuji Declaration, and fervent champion of igniting the Divine Spark in everyone to inspire a more harmonious inner and outer world.  

She is also mother of three, wife of Fuji Declaration co-initiator Hiroo, and a luminescent being who embodies the essence of a “living” J’aimestones® and its divinely sparked Wonder. 

Her Source of Wonder event is one such testament, its heart-shaped logo transformed into a bejewelled lapel pin of which she joyously wears.

Arigato …

Masami Saionji

Jaimestones Source of Wonder Jewellery

“Source of Wonder”

You fall into a riverbed … and you fall in love.

The “Source of Wonder” event logo became source of inspiration for this lapel pin; a natural stone found in the gushing waters of Munich’s Isar river, whose triangular shape is reminiscent of majestic Mt. Fuji. This mini-Fuji bursts with an18K heart & Naruto coil, plated in 24K and adorned with 3 tiny pearls. The summit is a divinely sparked 0.07ct v-ws diamond and the 18K stem is plated in 24K, hugged by a natural pink sweet-water pearl.